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Utilizing the expert knowledge of our private fund managers in synergy with portfolio management insights from across the group, we provide our clients with bespoke investment and wealth management solutions that are tailored to their specific risk-return appetites. Our private fund managers design portfolios based on market opportunities that are in line with the clients’ interests in order to deliver maximum returns across the fixed income asset class.


All managed portfolio investments are carefully crafted in custom combinations of government securities and corporate debt, cognizant of our clients’ return requirements, risk tolerance, liquidity preferences and other relative factors. Our private wealth management approach adopts a performance-driven profit-share model with no hidden fees, terms or conditions. For further information on how you can get started with private investment management, please get in touch with us.


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Neil Ranawaka

Mr. Neil Ranawaka has over 25 years' experience in portfolio and wealth management, possessing extensive exposure to treasury management and accounting, as well as financial analysis.