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ASTRUE Alpha Fund

ASTRUE Alpha Fund is an Open Ended Unit Trust established under the laws of the Securities Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka. The primary investment objective of the Astrue Alpha Fund is to achieve capital growth for investors by investing in a portfolio of equities listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange.

Managed Portfolios

ATML also provides discretionary portfolio management services tailor-made to meet a client’s specific investment goals and risk profile and managed within stringent investment guidelines and risk control. Our investment strategies vary depending on a client’s objectives and can range from conservative to growth.

Unit Prices as at

ASTRUE Alpha Fund

Buy : 8.660700
Sell : 9.148000

ASTRUE Gilt Edged Fund

Buy : 12.304399
Sell : 12.304399

ASTRUE Money Market Fund

Buy : 12.061864
Sell : 12.061864